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"To Develop the first Integrated Branded Lifestyle Eco Country Resort Retreat in Russia embracing a lifestyle built on Wellness, Tranquillity, Culture and Spirituality"

Spasovo Ecopolis represents today the largest planned mixed-use development in the Kaluga region and probably the largest eco-friendly development in Russia. The project is developed on the basis of a world-class sustainable Lifestyle Community through innovative eco-design built on the principles of tranquillity, green living and wellbeing.

The project borders the Klykovo and is inclosed proximity to the Optina Pustyn and Shmordino Monasteries which represent the centre of spirituality of the Russian Orthodox Church. Its unique location and pristine landscape instils the “Theme of Culture, Spirituality and Wellness” into a leading role in the overall design, feel and character of a new community.

Spasovo Ecopolis is developed on a 5 sq. Km single ownership site (plus the 3 sq. Km of Klykovo Monastery’s land), with 90% of its land coverage dedicated to green, park and river areas. Extensive network of walkways, bikeways, river crossings and open green spaces connect the various elements and uses to create a whole.

The Ecopolis consists of a series of themed lifestyle villages with the Town Square forming the nucleus of the project and comprises of the Central Square, the Spasovo Resort Hotel, the Wellness & Spa Centre and the Piazza Retail and Entertainment offering.

A series of branded neighbourhoods provide the character, spirit and life of the Ecopolis, with each neighbourhood having its unique thematic character and offering i.e. horse stables, dedicated Clubs and Spas, as well as their own convenient retail and squares giving the feel of smaller communities.

This integrated Lifestyle Residential Concept is immersed in a landscaped park environment with main points of interest the Championship Golf venue, the Equestrian Park, the Extreme Sports Park, the Agro Farm and the Monastery forming the Spasovo Ecopolis unique selling proposition.

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Unique Offering

  • Integrated in harmony with the famous Russian Monasteries
  • Themed Resort Hotel, Wellness and Spa Facilities
  • Cultural Theme Park & Activities
  • Ecopolis Town Center with Retail, Entertainment & Leisure Offerings
  • Championship 18 hole Golf Courses with Country Club
  • Agro Organic Farm & Activities bordering Klykovo Monastery
  • Extreme Sports Park with year around leisure activities
  • The Equestrian Park and stables
  • Famous natural water springs along the Serena River
  • A series of branded Lifestyle Communities, each with a unique architectural character and community offering


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